Friday, September 24, 2004  

The government has been asked to revoke the allocation of land ownership documents in Voi following massive irregularities in the settlement schemes.

In a letter addressed to the Minister for Lands, Mr Amos Kimunya, two elders have accused land officials in the area of orchestrating a campaign to deprive locals their land by issuing out erroneous letters of land allotment.

Mr Cristopher Kayanda, the secretary of the Dawida Development Welfare Association, and Mr John Mwakio, the secretary of the Mabomani-Irima Settlement Scheme, have separately written to the lands minister asking him to nullify the allocations.

"Mr Minister, on behalf of all the affected residents we would like to inform you that as Kenyans we have every right to demand our rights to land ownership. We hereby inform you that unless your ministry intervenes and suspends the whole exercise we shall have no other alternative but to call our people to resist the flawed allocation exercise," the officials said.

The memorandum reads in part: "It surprises every educated Kenyan who understands maths (sic) when there are jumps of numbers from 193 to no. 198 then 214. Who occupies the other numbers e.g from 194 to 197 and from 199 to 213?"

The officials pointed out that suspicion was rife that corrupt land officers were colluding with rich outsiders to allot them land before locals had acquired title deeds which, they lamented, were taking years to be issued.

They blamed the area DC Mr Chege Mwangi for misleading them recently that 500 allotment letters were to be issued at Mabomani scheme while in actual fact only 100 were issued.

To add insult to injury, the officials said, some of the names of the alottees had been misspelled while ID numbers do not match with those of the title deed holders.

Coast Express has two allotment letters which show glaring disparities. For instance the allotment letter for Mr Kefa Kiteto Mwakideu bears ID number 3956112 while his proper ID number is16025833. The officials said the mix up was done deliberately.