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Why they do not let the Watha manage their ecosystem?
Arabuko / Sokoke is part of the Watha homeland, but the nation of hunter-gatherers was forced out of their areas first by greedy colonialists and then by landhungry Bantu-speakers.

Farmers appeal for electric fence to tame elephants

Story by NATION Correspondent
Publication Date: 10/18/2005


Farmers living next to Arabuko/Sokoke Forest have asked the Government to erect an electric fence around it to stop elephants from destroying their crops.

They said that despite repeated pleas, the Government and Kenya Wildlife Service had neglected them. 

Led by councillors Stephen Kenga (Matsangoni), Joshua Lughanje (Vitengeni) and Mathias Masha (Palakumi), they told journalists in Kilifi yesterday that the elephants also terrorised them.

"People are being forced to be in their houses by as early as 6.30pm and school children must be home by 5pm for fear of elephant attacks," Mr Lughanje said.

"The food scarcity in Matsangoni and Mkongani villages has been caused by wild animals which stray from the forest," said Mr Kenga.

Mr Masha accused the Government of not acting when people were attacked and their property destroyed by wild animals. He said people might be forced to arm themselves and kill the animals.